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Strip Nail From The Fastening Connection

Strip Nail  From the fastening connection

Spinning is the use of air-borne bombs produced by the gunpowder gas as a driving force, into the construction of the nail. Usually by a nail plus ring gear or plastic positioning ring ring.

Chinese name nail name Fastener meaning into the wood, walls and other objects in the nail core hardness HRC52-57 use by a special nail gun or hammer into the object

Nail: Fastener

Made of steel often known as steel nails.

The use of air-borne bombs produced by the gunpowder gas as a driving force, into the construction of the nail. Usually by a nail plus ring gear or plastic positioning ring ring. The role of the ring gear and plastic positioning ring is to nail the body fixed in the nail gun barrel, so as not to side when firing.

The role of the nail is the nail into the concrete or steel plate and other matrix, from the fastening connection.

The material of the nail is generally made of 60 # steel, heat treated, the core hardness of the finished product is HRC52-57. Can be shot through Q235 0.8mm-1.2mm steel plate.

In life, nails are our common stuff. Do not look so small a nail, it played the role, but it is very large it. For example, it can be fixed furniture, a few pieces of wood through the nail connection, will be firmly connected together, the wardrobe can hang clothes, bookcases can put books and so on, in fact, such examples in reality too numerous, Said the market is still very small nail.

However, the use of important role in the small nails, the quality requirements are also very high, the quality can be successful. Often in the business of hardware furniture accessories, will buy the quality of qualified nails, these nails will generally come from some of the more formal manufacturers.

In the current society, we often need to use some of the more effective products, such as metal furniture accessories is the most worthy of our lives recognized products, which is a family of hardware supplies. Because the pursuit of modern people is constantly upgrading their own taste, so some of the traditional furniture can not meet the development needs of modern people's lives. So from these points of view, we all feel the metal products is the most beautiful products in the community, mainly such hardware furniture accessories have been a good reputation, the current development situation is showing a very prosperous situation.

Among these accessories, activities, lifts, decorations and even guns or connections such as metal products have been widely used by the people of Tianjin. People pay more attention to furniture before the board, pay attention to the environmental characteristics of home life, and now people are most concerned about the hardware accessories. In fact, over the years, we have felt the development of furniture has been showing a personalized trend, but also presents the characteristics of modernization, this kind of accessories is very delicate accessories, which can make the furniture quality has been an important upgrade. Metal Products Co., Ltd. is currently very strong trend of development, no matter what type of situation, we are very fond of these accessories, it can be seen, as long as these furniture accessories to achieve good results, naturally has a huge The advantages.